Located at 16 St. James Place in Bradford, Pennsylvania, attorneys at Lang & Hvizdzak bring a modern touch to the practice of law. Although we honor the traditional roots of the legal system, we’ve embraced simplicity and technology to provide the best possible service to our clients.

We utilize innovative technology in all phases of our practice to operate as efficiently as possible, saving our clients time and money. Our technology allows us to share documents, records, files, messages and invoices with clients via a secure web-based portal. This means that our clients always have the most up to date information about their cases.

In the past, scheduling an appointment has often been a slow and often cumbersome task. Utilizing our online scheduling system, you can set up an appointment in an available time slot all without the hassle of dealing with making phone calls, leaving voicemails and playing phone tag. You may also call our office directly at (814) 596-0005.

Most law firms require old-fashioned payment methods. Here, we are willing and able to accept cash, paper checks, credit cards or other electronic payment processing.