Family Law

We can stand up for your family rights.


Welcoming a new child into your family is a truly extraordinary experience. Before you can transition into family life, however, you must take the appropriate steps to ensure your adoption is successful. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about Pennsylvania’s adoptions laws and have represented clients through the adoption process. We provide legal and practical advice to help ensure that your adoption proceeds as smoothly as possible.


If you are like most parents, you love your children and want to have them with you as much as possible. Under Pennsylvania law, custody is determined by what is in the best interest of your children, which is different for every child. Our attorneys are experienced in handling custody cases and will provide you with quality representation and expert advice. We can assist you through the initial custody determination, modifications to your custody order, and relocations. We can also provide advice to grandparents, relatives, and other caretakers about their custodial rights.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Very few people make a vow to love and cherish their spouse “until death do us part” intending to get a divorce. Despite that fact, many marriages do end in divorce. Although every married couple handles their finances and division of labor in a unique way, Pennsylvania’s divorce laws treat everyone the same. As a result, your property may be divided at the time of your divorce in a manner that is inconsistent with how you lived before and during your marriage. You have the ability to define how your marriage will operate and how your property will be divided should your marriage end. The best way to do that is to enter into a legally binding agreement before you get married (a pre-nuptial agreement, commonly referred to as a prenup). Our attorneys can guide you through the process of entering into a pre-nuptial agreement so that your rights are protected should you ever face a divorce.


Divorce is a stressful process, both emotionally and financially. Our attorneys can provide you with peace of mind in this difficult time through competent advice about your rights under Pennsylvania’s divorce laws. We have experience handling divorces and are ready, willing, and able to litigate your case if necessary. We have learned, however, that clients (1) work hard during their marriages to accumulate wealth, (2) usually do not want to waste that wealth in costly divorce litigation, and (3) are more satisfied with the outcome when they have input in the process rather than allowing a judge to make all of the decisions. For that reason, our attorneys place a great deal of emphasis on mediated and negotiated outcomes.

Child Support

In Pennsylvania, child support is calculated using a formula that is based on both parents’ income, some of both parents’ expenses, a guideline child support amount, custodial arrangements, and other factors. For most people, as long as you take adequate documentation of your income and expenses with you to your hearing, your child support will be calculated properly by the hearing officer. If you have a unique employment situation or you do not provide the proper proof of your income and expenses, however, your child support may not be calculated accurately. Our attorneys are experienced in handling child support cases. We can provide guidance, advice, and representation to ensure your child support is calculated properly.